Online in North America

Online in North America

        Scrap catalytic converter price USA CANADAEcotrade, Asia’s leading recycler of catalytic converters is expanding its presence across the globe, backed by its successful technology-led strategy.

Following on from our recent promising ventures into Europe, Ecotrade is now launching its website,, into the USA and Canada. There are already over 6,000 customers in North America with an Ecotrade account, and we are confident that this new website will further promote the services that we can offer.

In line with our on-line presence in all the countries in which we operate, the new website features our now-renowned comprehensive catalogue which highlights over 11,000 makes and models of catalytic converters from all the major international auto-manufacturers. Each entry details our buying price, and this is updated on a daily basis to reflect the market rates for the precious metals platinum, palladium and rhodium. This allows potential customers to compare prices with those offered by our competitors, and fully reflects our policy of open and transparent trading. Supported by our heavy investment in state-of-the-art recycling equipment and a highly efficient logistics network, we are confident that our prices are very hard to beat.

Site visitors who are not necessarily customers may, if they wish, subscribe to the catalogue information by paying a small fee. This allows access to our pricing information, and details on how to subscribe can be found on the new website.

Also available through the website is our new App, first launched recently in Asia, and now proving to be extremely popular both there and in Europe.

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